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This newest cosmetic product is a dermal filler method that targets skin dryness, wrinkles, and dullness, and is named for its primary function. Because of its unique character and clinically verified results, skin boosters have become one of the most popular therapies.

Skin boosters can be described as a moisturizer that is injected under the top layer of the skin. Similar to topical moisturizers, skin boosters are designed to hydrate your skin. The treatment involves a thin dermal filler that is distributed across an area of the skin with a needle or cannula. 

​Skin boosters can help rejuvenate your skin, regardless of your skin type, age, gender, or treatment regimen. Skin boosters are dermal fillers that use a special kind of hyaluronic acid.  It works to smooth the skin, improve elasticity, and refresh the appearance in the face (lower cheek/jawline), upper neck, and back of the hands by integrating naturally into the skin. According to clinical research, the effects can last up to 6 months.​

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