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Image by Kim Carpenter

Facial wrinkles are a normal part of our expressive character; they are created by natural facial movement. However, as we age, these facial wrinkles can become permanent, which are creases that are engraved into our skin despite being created by a natural expression.
These wrinkles, which are most typically present around the eyes (crow's feet) or in the forehead area (elevens), can make us look exhausted, occasionally irritated, and older in appearance. Luna Med Spa can help you relax and manage these facial lines by offering Neuromodulator cosmetics. 
Neuromodulators are wrinkle-relaxing injections of botulinum toxin that are used to treat a wide range of facial wrinkles. A small amount of the neuromodulator is injected directly into the underlying muscle, causing it to relax and eventually smooth out the overlaying skin's appearance. The smoothing effects last about four months on average.

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