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A Vitamin B12 injection is an intramuscular injection administered by a Luna Med Spa medical professional. Vitamin B12 injections can aid with fatigue, energy levels, and the synthesis of red blood cells. By supporting the body in breaking down carbohydrates and converting fats and proteins into energy, it also helps with weight loss. Vitamin B12 is essential for metabolic and hormonal health. 


Your neurological and circulatory systems both significantly benefit from vitamin B12. It stimulates your circulatory system by controlling the synthesis of red blood cells, keeping your skin vibrant and healthy-looking. In terms of your nervous system, vitamin B12 gives your brain more energy so that it may function more efficiently.


Large levels of this water-soluble vitamin can also be found in fish, seafood, and red meat, while lower amounts can also be found in eggs, dairy products, and a variety of cereals. B12 is not produced by your body naturally. Therefore vitamin B12 injections are especially beneficial for individuals who follow a plant based diet.

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